Author: simon

  • Have your code run in Space!

    Each year the AstroPi programme invites young coders to join in with the opportunity to write code for experiments that can be run on Raspberry Pis on the Space Station! The results of the experiments created by last year’s AstroPi entrants are now in: If you like the idea of writing some code to […]

  • A new option for coding on the web

    The Raspberry Pi foundation have launched a new Online Code Editor: You can try it out using this project: The code editor currently supports Python but more languages are planned in the future. Because it runs from the web, it can be used on many devices, including Chromebooks, iPads and even phones (probably […]

  • Coding with Unity

    Wondering what IDE to use with Unity? Here’s one option: Unity Development with VS Code

  • Unity project paths

    We’ve had a few Ninjas recently interested in starting in Unity and finding good starter tutorials can be over-whelming. There is now a new Project Path for Unity on the Raspberry Pi Projects website, which has been created with Support from Unity Technologies. It aims to help new creators to learn about Unity and get […]

  • First session of 2023

    It was great to see some familiar and new faces at our first 2023 session today. We had Ninjas working on Scratch projects, Unity and even C++ on a 30 year old Commodore Amiga 1200!

  • New Year New Project?

    Need some inspiration? The Raspberry Pi Foundation have a great project finder resource: From here you can select the type of software/language you’d like to work on, or find a project for hardware (Raspberry Pi, micro:bit and more) or by the topic that you’re interested in! Unity If you’re interested in getting into Unity, […]

  • Virtual Sessions

    Discord After looking at a few collaboration tools, we’ve setup a Discord server and think this has great potential for running virtual sessions. You can join our discord server using the link provided when you sign up for your free place on Eventbrite: There are several channels available for you to chat about and […]

  • Sunday 15 March 2020

    Another great turnout of Ninjas at today’s session at the Everyman in Harrogate. We’ve had another mix of new and existing Ninjas – with some amazing ideas and coding work to show off, mainly in Scratch & Python today. Our fantastic mentors have been working hard as usual… not only supporting the Ninjas today, but […]

  • Sunday 19 January 2020

    This year, we’re running 2 sessions a month at the Everyman Cinema in Harrogate. Today is our first ‘3rd Sunday’ session and it’s great to see so many familiar faces, continuing to work on their projects as well as some new faces too. We hope that running 2 sessions every month helps our Ninjas to […]