Sunday 15 March 2020

Another great turnout of Ninjas at today’s session at the Everyman in Harrogate. We’ve had another mix of new and existing Ninjas – with some amazing ideas and coding work to show off, mainly in Scratch & Python today.

Our fantastic mentors have been working hard as usual… not only supporting the Ninjas today, but also looking at how we can run virtual sessions in future, and help provide more support to Ninjas outside of our scheduled sessions.

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More sessions


These sessions have been cancelled for now due to lo interest but we will try and reschedule later in the year.

We’re also running some extra sessions in March back at Harrogate Library. These will be ‘Hack the Games’ sessions using Raspberry Pis (available in the library, but you could bring your own if you wanted). We’ll be focusing on 2 projects during these sessions (each session covers both projects):

  1. Using Python to hack existing games like Snake & Pacman
  2. Using Python to add hacks to Minecraft

These sessions must be booked directly through Harrogate Library:

  1. CANCELLED Saturday 21 March 1pm-3pm
  2. CANCELLED Saturday 28 March 1pm-3pm