Have your code run in Space!

Each year the AstroPi programme invites young coders to join in with the opportunity to write code for experiments that can be run on Raspberry Pis on the Space Station!

The results of the experiments created by last year’s AstroPi entrants are now in: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/astro-pi-mission-space-lab-2022-23-results/

If you like the idea of writing some code to run in space, you can find details if the 2023 competition on 18 September on the AstroPi website: https://astro-pi.org/

CoderDojo Harrogate will be pleased to support any local teams or individuals who would like to get involved. Join us at one of our upcoming sessions by registering here: https://coderdojohg.eventbrite.com/